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General Questions

My dog gets tired of their food. Will this help?
What type of dog food can it be added to?
How many servings are in a bottle?
Where's Shake it Pup made?
What if my dog doesn't like it?

Best Practices for Shaking

How much should I add?
Do I need to refrigerate it?
What's the shelf life?
Do I need to add water?

Nutritional Questions

Are the ingredients sourced from the U.S.?
What type of Cinnamon is used?
Are there a lot of calories?
Is there added salt?
Does Shake it Pup have Grains / Is it Grain-Free?
Isn't garlic bad for dogs?
Is Shake it Pup Human-Grade?
Is Shake it Pup Gluten-Free?
Is there Corn, Wheat, or Soy?
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