Shark Tank

Shake it Pup Dog Food Seasoning on Shark Tank!

Five Hungry Sharks, Three Took the Bait, and One is Hooked.


Meet AJ and Brett who pitched their company, Shake it Pup! Dog Food Seasoning, on Shark Tank. Their flavorful and healthy solution to eliminating bland dog food received great traction from the Shark Tank Investors. Compared to other dog food toppers, Shake it Pup offers a healthy and easy way for dog owners to improve their pup’s mealtime experience through flavor and nutrition. There's a reason why the Sharks loved Shake it Pup–their unique and exciting seasoning blends are unlike any dog product you’ve seen before!

With recipes such as Bae'con & Eggs, Pizza Pawty, Barkin' BBQ, Bone & Joint, and Skin & Coat, there is a seasoning for every reason AND every season! Each bottle is handcrafted with 100% Human-Grade, All-Natural ingredients, whether it's their Free-Range Beef, Nutritional Supplements, or Healthy Probiotics, your choice of Shake it Pup can be specifically tailored to your dog. 

While Shake it Pup originated as a solution to picky and finicky eating dogs, Shake it Pup's instantaneous traction led them to expand their line to benefit all breeds, ages, and nutritional requirements. Dog owners can now be their pup's personal, gourmet chef. With just one Shake, you can provide your dog with delectable flavors, nutrients missing from their everyday food, and most importantly, happiness.